About Us

Bank of Lake Village serves YOU!
We are a "Full Service Bank" located in the heart of the Arkansas Delta.

Our Board of Directors are people who have lived and worked in Southeast Arkansas. Our Directors and Officers are here for You! Please contact us with all your needs.

Chicot County and much of Southeast Arkansas depends on the farmer for business. Without the farmer, much of the progress and development of Southeast Arkansas would have never happened. Bank of Lake Village is proud to be a leader in the Agriculture Community of the Delta. We are community aimed and driven. From the Farmer, to the after school worker, Bank of Lake Village is determined to make a difference with the support and services that are expected from you!

Southeast Arkansas is quickly becoming a leader in Catfish Production. Many farmers have expanded their business into Fish Farming. Bank of Lake Village is there, supporting the Fish Farming in every way possible. As new technologies surface, the farmer is not alone in the "stepping out" stage of being on the "cutting edge" of technology. With qualified staff and continual training, Bank of Lake Village is ready to meet the advancements of tomorrow.

Being located in the heart of Lake Village gives us the opportunity to serve the business' and residents' with "local" banking. Community is one of our top priorities. Our branch and main faculty offer services Monday through Thursday from 9am to 4pm and 9am to 5:30pm on Friday. ATM's (Automatic Teller Machines), are located at our branch bank and the lobby of Chicot Memorial Hospital for after hours convenience. 

In need of a loan? We are here to help you. We can offer not only the money you need, but also expert counseling and direction. Helping you to make the best possible decision and take the best possible direction. Call or email for your loan needs. For a form to complete and electronically mail, click here!

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