The Bank of Lake Village
Privacy Policy/ Statement

Thank you for viewing our privacy policy.

The Bank of Lake Village recognizes that you expect the highest level of privacy and confidentiality when it comes to your personal information, that is why visitors to our website as well as or physical locations remain anonymous. Bank of Lake Village collects, and keeps your financial and personal information only where it would by useful to maintain your relationship and allowed by law. We will only use this information to enhance your relationship with us. The collection of this information allows us to manage your accounts, identify any specific needs you may have and to provide you with more customized information about our products and services.

We strive to maintain accurate and complete records and therefore Bank of Lake Village uses reasonable commercial standards and procedures to maintain this level of accuracy. If for any reason you feel that the information that we have on file for you is inaccurate or incomplete please contact us.

At the Bank of Lake Village we limit access to your information to only those employees that have a need to know, that information to allow them to do a competent job in serving your needs. Bank of Lake Village also emphasizes to its employees the confidentiality of any and all information that they have access too and should they breach this confidentiality the Bank of Lake Village will take the appropriate disciplinary actions.

The Bank of Lake Village strives to keep your information confidential, that is why will never give out any specific information about your accounts, personal information or information about any other relationship you have with us. There are certain instances when we will disclose information and those are:

  1. You authorize or request the disclosure.
  2. We are legally obligated or required to do so by court order.
  3. You have been previously notified and have been given the opportunity decline, the release of you information for marketing purposes.
  4. BLV Does disclose non-public personal information to non-affiliated third parties as permitted by law.

To continue to provide you with accurate and modern services, sometimes the Bank of Lake Village must contract with third parties to provide you with these specific services. As part of this relationship the Bank of Lake Village requires all third party vendors to adhere to a similar privacy policy, that requires them to keep your information confidential.

If you would like to know what information we have collected regarding your website visit, contact After reviewing the information, if you believe any of the information is in error contact or call us at the number listed below, explain the alleged discrepancy, and if the information is incorrect, will update it promptly. In addition, if you believe any information we have collected about you has been used for improper purpose, contact and explain your concerns in as much detail as possible so we may take any appropriate action.


The Bank of Lake Village has a number of links to other sites. These are offered as a courtesy and a convenience. The Bank of Lake Village assumes no responsibility for the content, safety, security, or privacy of any such site or any transactions with respect thereto. If you have questions or concerns about any other site's policy regarding these matters, you should contact that site or its sponsor.

Amendments and changes:

The Bank of Lake Village reserves the right to amend or change this policy at anytime and without notice. For the most current version of this policy, contact our customer service department at 870-265-2241or at